GuangZhou YiHua Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd,Focusing on the "maintenance. tin. desoldering" industry, it is the largest manufacturer of repair and desoldering tools and power equipment in china
Soldering is a job that requires patience, finesse, and dependable tools. YIHUA has been fully dedicated to the 
research, production, and distribution of soldering equipment and DC power supplies since as early as 2004. We 
are a prominent Chinese manufacturer that specializes in a wide range of high quality products including the 2-in-1 
soldering rework station, hot air rework station, DC power supply, lead-free soldering station, constant temperature 
soldering station, etc. Also provided are the hot air rework station with soldering iron and the soldering rework 
station with power supply. In the span of nearly a decade, we have manufactured approximately 21 million sets of 
high fidelity machinery. Our products have been certified to CE, RoHs, FCC, INMETRO, SAA and SGS standards. 
They also have a qualified report issued by the China National Electric Safety Product Quality Supervision and 
Testing Center. ODM and OEM services are available upon request

Enterprise strength
Guangzhou Yihua Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. are currently headquartered within the Yongxing 
Industrial Zone of the famous port city--Guangzhou. A convenient transportation network grants us access to 
outstanding logistics. Our facilities span 10,000 square meters and are operated by 230 employees. The workshop 
is outfitted with 16 standardized production lines and automated mounting lines. Also at our disposal is an entire 
array of advanced testing instruments. Our R&D staff includes more than 20 specialists, 60% of whom have had
over 5 years of industry-related experience.
In the pursuit of excellence, our company strives to make YIHUA a world-class brand. Guided by market trends, we 
seek to maximize our potential for development and distribution. Our products are designed to be reliable,
user￾friendly, and energy-efficient. These qualities are clearly exhibited in our latest series of large-scale machinery, all of 
which have been implemented with high-speed PID control programming. Select models are available with the 
fastest PID control sequence in the industry—the performance and temperature stability of these machines far 
surpass that of analogous products on the current market.
We have successfully passed the ISO9001 International Quality Management System certification. Our company 
site has been verified by SGS and Bureau Veritas. It introduces the company's workshop, production flow, 
employees, and some product samples. For more in-depth company information related to their management, the 
equipment they use, and where they export to. Proper export authentication has been obtained. The continual 
expansion of our operational scale propelled many YIHUA soldering station brands into prominence within domestic 
and overseas markets. We export worldwide to more than 40 countries and regions including America, Russia, 
Canada, Australia, Britain, Vietnam, Thailand, Chile, Brazil, etc

Development path
Our company developed the safety protection design for the rework station. After the equipment is connected to the power, it couldn’t start normal work until the handle is placed at the handle frame. Our soldering station works only when the machine unit has detected the safety instructions. The purpose is to prevent the potential risk caused by the improper placement of the handle. The safety protection technology is now adopted by 90% companies in domestic rework station industry.
Development path
YiHua applied the mica skeleton heater to replace the traditional quartz tube heater. Then in 2009, the heater was upgraded to ceramic skeleton type, which is resistant to hitting and collision. The ceramic skeleton heater comes with better stability and reliability. In the same year, we added a SMD workshop for updating the production process, for which the machine stability has been further improved.
Development path
we took a series of innovation and R & D, making the machine more functional and user-friendly. We have developed the functions including air gun manual / automatic function, cold / hot air function, air gun card authorization to use functions, temperature ℃ / ℉ display conversion function, soldering iron super-long sleep time setting function, and soldering iron timed auto power-off function. The machines we developed are 2 in 1 soldering rework station, 3 in 1 soldering rework station, soldering rework station with 15V power supply, soldering rework station with 30V power supply, etc. They are warmly welcomed by the clients from many countries.
Development path
YiHua broke through technical barriers. Under the leadership of Chief Engineer, our technicians developed the temperature control technology that achieved the industry’s top level. The PID temperature correction cycle reaches 20ms, which is the maximum temperature control speed on the premise of constant power supply voltage and frequency. The application of this technology not only greatly improves the temperature control accuracy and stability, but also plays a significant role in the energy conservation. Passed ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System Certification again in 2011 (first passed certification in 2008)
Development path
In the year of 2012, YiHua once again developed a new security protection function named air fan ABS anti-lock function. When the air fan has a fault and stops working, the system will immediately cut off the power of the air gun, thus preventing the temperature from being out of control. This function can effectively make sure the users’ safety and safe environment. Also, the machine parts will not be burned out because of the elevated temperature. After the troubleshooting, the system will automatically restore its normal working status.
Development path
In the year of 2015, YiHua was the alibaba trade assurance supplier and the No.1 ranked rework station provider.
Development path
In the year of 2016, Awarded the honorary title of Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Innovation ‘Little Giant’ Enterprise by the Guangzhou Municipal Government Science and Technology Innovation Committee in 2016; Settled in the National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone Guangzhou Minying Science and Technology Park in 2016; Recognized as Top in Industry by Export Volume by Alibaba (One Touch) in 2016.
Development path
In the year of 2017, Awarded honorary title of National High-Tech Enterprise in 2017. YIHUA BGA Infrared Rework Station featured on CCTV Evening News on February 14, 2017, helping the Beijing Railway Bureau achieve Exchange Gateway Chip technology.
Development path
24th ,Jan.,2018,CCTV Securities Information "Innovation China" column group and CCTV9 Huashang Hui enterprise micro-record successfully in Yihua electronic framing shooting.
Development path
On 30th August 2019: The national standard "GB/T 7157-2019" developed by Guangzhou YiHua Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was officially released.
Development path
On March 1th, 2020: The national standard "GB/T 7157-2019" developed by Guangzhou YiHua Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is officially implemented. In September 2020, the company was officially settled in Guangzhou Private Technology Park.
Development path
YIHUA passed the certification of BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative)
Research strength
Our research staff includes more than 20 specialists, 60% of whom had Over 5 years industry experience.
In pursuit of excellence, our company strives to make YIHUA a world-class brand. Guided by market trends, we
strive to maximize our potential for development and distribution.
Our products are designed to be reliable, easy to use and energy efficient.

Industry advantage
Guangzhou YiHua Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, currently occupies more than 10, 000 square meters. It employs 300 people including at least 20 designers. 60% of them have over 5 years experience.

We have been committed to the research and production of soldering stations and DC power supplies for years. Till now, our product catalog covers hot air rework station, constant temperature soldering stations, DC power supply, etc. Since the establishment, our total production amount has exceeded 21, 000, 000 units, 30% of which were exported to the domestic market. The rest 70% have been exported to more than 40 foreign courtiers, including America, England, Chile, Brazil, etc. Especially in western courtiers and America, our product enjoys a large market share.

Product Quality
With an attempt to ensure product quality, we specially set up a strict quality inspection department which has more than 20 professional inspection personnel. Additionally, we possess the various types of advanced equipment for production and inspection. Those facilities include reflow soldering equipment, wave soldering system, chip mounter, and so on.
All the processes from raw materials inspection to final products warehousing are in full compliance with the strict inspection standards. A series of strict appraisal standards have been set up by the Quality Management Department, so as to choose the qualified raw materials suppliers. 80% of our suppliers have been approved by the ISO quality system. Their products have been certified by 3C, CE, UL, SGS, and ROHS. In addition, we monthly and annually evaluate the suppliers.

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